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Tabular Data

Dollar Spot Probability Details

DateAir Temp (F)
5 day avg.
Rel. Humidity
5 day avg.
DS Probability
2024-07-24 71° 72 29.8%
2024-07-23 70° 69 22.9%
2024-07-22 68° 68 18.7%
2024-07-21 68° 68 19.7%
2024-07-20 69° 72 27.1%
2024-07-19 71° 76 38.8%
2024-07-18 73° 79 51.6%


Latest Updates

March 18th, 2024Timing crabgrass preemergence applications in spring

Don't miss this update from from Kevin Frank regarding timing of crabgrass preemergence herbicides.


February 12th, 2024Welcome to the 2024 GDD Tracking Season

2024 might be the year that if you blinked you missed winter. We've already experienced some very unseasonably warm weather in February with temperatures in the 60's. Temperatures are remaining relatively mild but I wouldn't be surprised if winter resurfaced yet as we move through the rest of February and March. GDDTracker starts counting on February 15. Spring is typically the time of year when GDDTracker receives the most attention for alerting turfgrass managers of optimal application timing windows for suppressing annual bluegrass seedheads and crabgrass preemergence applications. However, there are many models you may find helpful throughout the season including the early season DMI timer and Smith-Kerns dollar spot prediction model. To learn about all the available models, click on the "About" tab at the top of the screen. Thanks for your continued support and use of GDDTracker and best wishes for a fantastic 2024!