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Relative Flowering Times for Broadleaf Weeds (GDD 50)
through Thu, Jan. 20. 2022


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Latest Updates

February 19th, 2021Welcome to the 2021 GDD Tracking Season

Despite the frigid temperatures covering most of the country this week, GDDtracker started counting on February 15. As temperatures warm and snow fall melts the first two models that gather the most attention are the Proxy/Primo timer for scheduling annual bluegrass seedhead suppression applications and the crabgrass preemergence application timer. As the season progresses the early season DMI timer and the Smith-Kerns dollar spot prediction model gather views. Further information on all models can be found under the "About" tab at the top of the screen. Thanks for your continued use and support of GDDtracker and best wishes for a successful 2021 growing season!