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Bluegrass Billbug Activity - OSU (GDD 50)
through Sun, Feb. 5. 2023


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Latest Updates

February 14th, 2022Welcome to the 2022 GDD Tracking Season

Although it's not feeling much like spring in Michigan, GDDTracker starts counting days on February 15. Spring is typically the time of year when GDDTracker receives the most attention for alerting turfgrass managers of optimal application timing windows for suppressing annual bluegrass seedheads and crabgrass preemergence applications. However, there are many models you may find helpful throughout the season including the early season DMI timer and Smith-Kerns dollar spot prediction model. To learn about all the available models click on the "About" tab at the top of the screen. Thanks for your continued support and use of GDDTracker and good luck for a fantastic 2022!